It takes many of us here at Pine Ranch to make your experience the best around.

We would like to take a minute and introduce ourselves.


Anne Larson

Anne grew up in the back hills of the deep south where she discovered the love of her life; horses. Anne has always had a passion for these large four legged creatures and spent as much time with them as possible. She fondly remembers the Spring Festival in April every year while she was growing up. "I would spend all three days of the festival with the pony ride carousel." She recalls. "My grandmother was always at the festival with her arts and crafts booth. So we were there the whole time anyhow. I would just spend the time with the ponies. I would help feed and brush and lead them around when they were not working. In exchange the vendor usually let me ride the big one in the carousel. I was in heaven." As Anne speaks, it is easy to see the love in her eyes for these amazing animals. She tells of a neighbor several blocks away from her house having horses when she was a teenager. "My friend; Amber, and I would spend hours every day in the summer there. We went everywhere on those horses. Oh the adventures we had. We were Annie Oakley and Mollie Monroe"

Anne's dream has always been to share her love of horses with anyone and everyone willing to listen. Her goal is to one day have a huge barn and facility to house her lesson program.

Anne is ARIA and Richard Shrake certified. She holds a number of additional therapeutic certifications as well. Anne has been teaching horses and riders to work harmoniously for over fifteen years. She has mastered a technique that allows horse and human to understand each other. "If we are going to work with horses, we need to think more like horses." Her specialty is teaching children and those who are nervous around horses. Anne is a current member in good standing of the following associations:

AQHA, ApHC, North American Handicapped Riding Association, American Riding Instructors Association, AQHA Professional Horseman's Association, Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association, Nebraska Horse Council and Colorado Horse Council. Anne is also an approved 4-H and Open horse show Judge.

Kiersten Larson

Kiersten has been riding as long as she can remember. Actually, she has been riding since she was conceived.  Kiersten's first pony; Muscrat, resides in Colorado, teaching two young boys how to ride.  Hettie, Kiersten's main mount has sadly been outgrown. Hettie has given Kiersten a beautiful Bay filly by Twister named Immy. Kiersten has already trained Immy to lie down on command; just like Twist. Kiersten is currently searching for the ever illusive "perfect for her" show horse. Kiersten is in 9th grade and takes school seriously. When not in school, she tends to the water troughs, grain for the horses and manure patrol. Kiersten also helps out with the backing of the young horses for the first time. Her small stature and quiet manner make the first ride for the youngsters non-dramatic. Kiersten's dream was to one day teach lessons alongside her Mother. Kiersten taught lessons in Nebraska with her Mother for the first time Summer 2011and continued in 2012. She will become a certified ARIA Instructor in the near future. Kiersten loves being around the horses and helping out. She finds it very hard to let go of any of the horses when they go to their homes. In fact, she finds it hard to let go of any of the animals that ever come to the Ranch. Kiersten is a dear asset to our program.



There are many people who come and help us at the Ranch. We have a number of different interns every spring and summer who come for the great grand adventures that can be had here. So many other people come and help out at the Ranch that they are too numerous to mention them all. Because of all of these people, Pine Ranch has become what it is today. Thank you to each and every one of you.


If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me.






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