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What does it involve?

Do you have a child who wants to start riding lessons? Does after school, weekends or during school breaks work best for you? Do you feel that instructors should be Nationally certified?

Pine Ranch's after school, weekend and school break riding program offers safe instruction that is geared toward independent riding skills using Cheyenne's only level III certified riding instructor.

Our sincere desire is to instill in our students the spirit of sportsmanship – something that will live a lifetime in their character. We want to bring out the values of teamwork and fun; so closely associated with the affection felt for our friend, the horse. Children will build memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.


Summer Riding Program (Only a few spaces left!)

This program is available for children who really love horses and whose strong desire is to learn to understand and enjoy horsemanship. Each student will have a horse carefully selected for them. The student will learn the responsibility of proper care and, under supervision, will gain knowledge of all types of horses. Students are welcome to bring their own horse if they wish to have help with their individual problems.  See lesson page.


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Beginner: Someone who has never ridden before, has attended camp or vacation trails. Little or no knowledge of horsemanship.

Intermediate: Someone who has taken lessons, walk, trot and canter. Beginning jumping and have ridden school horses. Campers who have ridden for under 2 years. Moderate knowledge of horsemanship and stable management skills. Must be able to do an emergency dismount, an emergency one rein stop, turn both directions, stop, back up, groom unaided, ride a simple circle (not an oval) at walk.

Private Classes (Class by your self) $35 an hour. Plus $15 travel fee if I go to your location. Package price-ten private lessons $300. $5 discount if you bring your own horse.

Semi-Private Classes (Class with one of your friends) $30 an hour each. Plus $15 travel fee if I go to your location. Package price-ten semi-private lessons $250. $5 discount if you bring your own horse.

Group Classes (Class with at least three and at most six other people.) $20 an hour each on your own horse. No additional travel fee if more than four people in class. Add $5 per person if you need to use our horse.

Beginner to advanced classes. We start with the basics and concentrate on classic, balanced seat. You will learn proper use of aids and cues. You will gain confidence through knowledge in a safe, laid back environment. You will leave with a better understanding of communication with your equine partner.

Western and English lessons available.

Working students welcome.

Hours flexible to accommodate work and school schedules.


What does my child need to bring?

Your child is required to come to class with sneakers or boots, jeans and at least a short sleeved shirt. Students who come to class in Capri's, shorts, tank tops, Crocs, sandals, slippers, or any type of open toe shoe; will be dismissed and sent home. These dress requirements are necessary to maintain safety for the students. Wyoming weather can become inclement quickly at many times during the year. I recommend that each student bring with them several layers of clothing to assure their own comfort. Students, children especially; have a difficult time learning if they are focused on being too cold and trying to stay warm.


Anne's Thoughts

For the beginner and intermediate sessions, all students will be tested on the first day of the session for appropriate placement in the riding program. Horses and riders are matched according to individual requirements and degree of training.

In addition to the daily horse care and riding, students will learn about, talking to and approaching horses using "horse language", conformation, colors and markings, fitting tack, feet and shoes, mouths and bits, first aid and safety, boots and bandages, feed and feeding, and human first aid. These specific classes will be taught for approx. one hour in a classroom setting following up with hands on ground work with the horses and equipment in the barn.

From the program's start, students learn how to handle themselves around horses and how to keep themselves and their horses safe. Students learn how to catch, halter, lead, groom, saddle and bridle. Independence is encouraged and will be required by the end of the beginner class. Independence is MANDATORY to enter intermediate class.

Periodic evaluations are made so that each student has the opportunity to advance as their ability increases. We encourage students to stay for more than one session, as progress tends to compound with each successive session.

Advanced students work at their own accelerated pace keeping goals in mind and close at hand. Pine ranch offers a stringent and intense program for Advanced Students that challenge them and prepare them for competition or other programs.





Does certification automatically produce a better professional? No. But it does mean that an objective third party believes the professional has met predetermined standards for safety, knowledge, and ability to serve clients.

Anne is ARIA and Richard Shrake certified. She holds a number of additional therapeutic certifications as well. Anne has been teaching horses and riders to work harmoniously for over twenty five years. She has mastered a technique that allows horse and human to understand each other. "If we are going to work with horses, we need to think more like horses." Her specialty is teaching children and those who are nervous around horses. Anne is a current member in good standing of the following associations:

AQHA, ApHC, North American Handicapped Riding Association, American Riding Instructors Association, AQHA Professional Horseman's Association, Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association, Nebraska Horse Council and Colorado Horse Council. Anne is also an approved 4-H and Open horse show Judge.




Pine Ranch will help your child start

their own Journey of a lifetime.



Horseback riding lessons in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  





Balance and a Classic seat will be taught to each student.



Horse back riding lessons Cheyenne, Wyoming

Students will learn basic care of horses.



If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me.