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What does it involve?

Do you have a significant other or a family memeber who loves and/or has horses? Ever wanted to feel a little bit more fomfortable around these large animals? Maybe you have always loved horses but really want to know more about them before buying one of your own. Perhaps you want to just learn to not be so intimidated by horses. This Horsemanship is the class for you. This class is held in a group setting and is a class designed not only for the ground floor, entry person who is just getting into horse but is also designed for the person who has been taking lessons or has owned horses and now wants to learn some of the finer points. We will show students proper handling, care and all basic aspects of horses. No actual riding time for this class. We will discuss in detail equine psychology the will lend itself to further classes when we will demomstrate proper handling techniques. So many of the techniques we will be using on the groudn will transfer directly to riding. Class size closes at ten people and all ages are welcome. Tons of petting, leading, grooming, and feeding of these well behaved equine companions will be sure to get you hooked!

THIS IS NOT A RIDING CLASS! NO RIDING WILL BE DONE IN THIS HORSEMANSHIP CLASS! This class is hands on and on the ground only. This class is different from the Horsemanship classes available through the Cheyenne Parks and Recreation. The classes through the Parks and Rec. are RIDING classes. The class listed and described on this page is NOT a riding class.




How do I get involved?

These classes must be pre-registered. E-mail Anne to sign up in advance to assure your place. These classes are $25 per person and run one evening a week for four weeks. Comfortable clothes and shoes are recommended.





Does certification automatically produce a better professional? No. But it does mean that an objective third party believes the professional has met predetermined standards for safety, knowledge, and ability to serve clients.

Anne is ARIA and Richard Shrake certified. She holds a number of additional therapeutic certifications as well. Anne has been teaching horses and riders to work harmoniously for over twenty five years. She has mastered a technique that allows horse and human to understand each other. "If we are going to work with horses, we need to think more like horses." Her specialty is teaching children and those who are nervous around horses. Anne is a current member in good standing of the following associations:

AQHA, ApHC, North American Handicapped Riding Association, American Riding Instructors Association, AQHA Professional Horseman's Association, Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association, Nebraska Horse Council and Colorado Horse Council. Anne is also an approved 4-H and Open horse show Judge.




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