Was told about this great little property just off the Egbert exit (Exit 391 on I-80)  Went to look at it and it is just perfect.  Price is right and location is convenient to the highway.  Nearly all paved access.  A little closer to Cheyenne!  Yippee!

After much deliberation, some denial and with trepidation, have decided to purchase the property.

Am now starting to get excited about the purchase.  Have been able to pick out a new house to have put on the property.  Look at how big the kitchen is!  Still working out details about the rest.

Sewer, gas, phone, foundation, road, water lines, permits, trucks, trailers, and manpower seem to be coming along nicely.  Starting to get a little more excited.


May 1st

Closed on the property today!  Yeah, I am now a property owner all by myself.  This is a first.  I am getting kinda excited.  My goodness the idea of all the work ahead is daunting.  I have wonderful support from some tremendous folks in my life.  thank you everyone for your support in this difficult time.

May 2nd

Started paperwork for all permits.  There are some things girls should not have to do and this is most assuredly one of them.  LOL 

May 3rd

Met with fellow who did a bid for fencing.

May 6th

Well permit approved!

May 8th,

Property surveyed and boundaries found.  To a city girl, this sure looks like a bunch of land.  Hope it will be enough down the road.

May 9th

Met with well drilling person to set out where well will go.

May 10th

Well drilling rig to show up and set up to start digging tomorrow.

May 11th

Well drilling rig showed up and set up..

May 12th

Well done and now we have water.  Well is 256 feet deep.  Water is good!

May 25th

Submitted plot plan for the Pine Ranch Subdivision of!  LOL  Apparently, I am half an acre shy of being able to get my permit to build right off.  I asked...begged the neighbors to sell me half an acre but the nightmare of paperwork that was entailed disgusted all of us and we let it go.  Thank you to my neighbors for their patience and willingness to humor me.  Great folks that I am so blessed to have next door.




June 3rd

Found out that I have guardian angels in the county department.  You know who you are and thank you so much for watching after me.  Hugs!  I will be able to at least start building and hopefully be ready to move in by the time the plot plan is approved in July.  Yeah!  Also heard tell that it will be approved since I am not really a subdivision.  Guess things could still go south but am hoping for the best.

June 15th

Started digging the hole for foundation and one of the neighbors had a small fit right on my property.  Took pictures and kicked the excavator right off of my place!  LOL  Go figure?  What was that all about?  Stated there was no legal permit to start digging and said a few curse words and made the excavator leave.  People are so funny.  Can't wait to get to know this neighbor a little better.  Permit is all ready to go but the drawing for the basement is off by a little so we have to make a few adjustments to get it right.

June 21st

Small details taken care of now and Permit in hand for digging the hole for my basement.  Thank you to Cubb Engineers for your patience and persistence in helping me get everything in order.  :)  Ordered Electricity, Gas, used diesel tank for the fuel for the skid steer.  Thanks to some special people in my life, I have had help getting fencing done.  Have completed nearly all pounding of steel.  Have posts for braces and gates to set and then hang wire.  Hopefully will be done this weekend.

June 23rd

I have some amazing people in my life!  Thank you to Tom, Kristy, Matt, and Erick for their diligent and unending power and help!  We were able to set nine posts tonight and we are so proud of ourselves because we dug all nine post holes by hand.  Where is the auger!!???

June 24th

More amazing people came to help me with my fence.  I have a wonderful "chosen" family.  Hugs and thank yous to everyone.  Had an auger today.  Wow!  That thing was amazing.  We were able to put in all of the posts.  Pine Ranch (new and improved) now has three turn out pastures, two large pastures, and the place prepared for the new paddock.  The perimeter fence posts are all in and now the only thing left to do is hang the wire.  Can it be?  Yippee!

July 18th

Plat approved!  Thank you to Cathy Heatherington for all of her hard work in getting me able to start my project.  She is an angel in disguise!  Hugs Cathy! 

July 28th

Final engineering plans for the basement.  Some amazing changes made that will facilitate a very professional entry for the business.  Thanks again to Joe Cubb. 

August 1st

More excavating done for the new entry and an open hole inspection.  We are getting closer and closer to being able to have concrete poured.  the new house waits in Cheyenne all boarded and plastic, ready for the move.  More fencing work done.  All we have is wire to string and then we are done.  Yippee!  Just hang in there.  Thank you to everyone and all of the patience you have shown during the past six months. 

August 7th

We were on such a roll towards the end and then it was discovered that the foundation is 4 feet off.  In other words, the house WILL NOT fit the foundation.  Foundation too small by 4 feet.  So we are back to square one nearly.  All I can do is sit back and laugh about the whole thing.  I truly hope that I have a place for Thanksgiving!  :)

August 14th

Finished all fencing except the tiny part along the front where the house will come in.  (I hope!)  LOL  A huge thank you to Nate, Jae, Rebecca, and Larry for helping me finish the daunting task of fencing.  Also, thank you to everyone else who helped with fencing over the last three months.  What will we all do with our spare time now.  HA!

August 15th

Started the chicken coop and started trenching for water and power lines.  AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!! Dirt every where!

August 16th

Chicken coop set in cement and more trenching done.  New plans turned in to the county and should be able to continue with foundation work next week.  Met with Pat about water and should be able to get water by next week.

August 17th

Started framing chicken coop and more trenching.  Moved some equipment from the old place to the new Ranch.  The old place will be called that from now on and the Ranch is the new place.  I am really getting excited now!  I think we all are.

August 18th

Moved all loose equipment from the old place to the Ranch.  Moved one round pen and prepared the sand to be hauled next week.  Also moved 1/2 of the arena panels and prepared sand to be hauled next week.

August 19th

Water lines and spigots set!  yippee!  Almost have water to the troughs.  No more dragging hoses!  Those of you who have helped over the years at the old place, know what fun dragging those damned hoses during winter was.  No more hose dragging!!  no more electrical cords laying everywhere either.  All the electric and water will be done right at the Ranch!  Less work is better!

August 21st

Started moving horses.  Didn't get a bunch moved only 17.  Whew!  Gonna be a job.  Also moved 1/2 of the arena panels and got sand ready to move.

August 23rd

Moved more horses.  The contractor (bless his heart) poured more footers today to make up for the extra space needed for the foundation.  I cried, I was so happy!

August 24th

A monumental day indeed!  Taught my first lesson on my new place.  What an amazing feat. 

August 25th.

More work on Chicken coop.  More stuff moved.  Very exciting deal!  Forms in place for walls and walls poured.  Apparently there was a rabbit stuck in my forms and the fellows pouring had to chase the dratted thing out.  What a lucky rabbit!  An enormous thank you to Lori and Kathy and Ray for being there for me time and again.  True friends are the best gift a person can have.

August 26th

Arranged stuff brought this week.  Also worked on the road in front of my place.  I don't know, I may have made it worse.  Will have to wait until the rain quits and the road dries out some.  Our new rabbit came today.  His name is Oreo and he is something else.  In a few weeks, we will get Oreo a harem.  He will love that.

August 27th.

Took down that extra fence line.  Worked on the chicken coop more and made some decisions about that.  Put more things away.  Moved hay.  Hung gates and put up some pens.

August 28th

Moved the tack shed.  Got Llamas.  I was ever so sorry to have been forced to give up Kousco that now that I am able, I got a few llamas.  They look nice standing out here and they will spook proof my horses to llamas.  LOL  May not need to go get a cow after all.  I find out that I may go hunting this year (thanks to the generosity of some wonderful folks who are open minded enough to let a woman into hunting camp.)  Perhaps I will be able to fill the freezer with deer meat instead of beef.  Yummy!

August 29th

Road out front professionally graded...should have done that to begin with!  Forms finished for the last two feet of basement wall.  Whoot!  Had arena area graded about two feet down in highest place.  New birm on the north end of the arena.  Sand for the arena mostly hauled today as well.  They will finish tomorrow I guess.  Round pen sand to come too.  Will move last three horses tomorrow.  Then I will be mostly done except for some buildings and odds n ends.  Am told that a pond and a ton of trees are in the works for the Ranch. 

The old place really looks barren.  The ground that once housed new foals and was the gathering place for laughter, fellowship and joy; stands desolate, lonely, and void.  The sadness, despair and gloom that surrounds the old place is surpassed only by the enormous number of tumbleweeds that have moved in and taken over like a plague.  A tribute to the rough and wild confusion of the past six months.  I stand before I get into the pickup at the end of loading each trips worth of stuff and I look around the old place.  The memories; good along with the bad, come flooding in and I am sometimes overwhelmed.  It is with great sadness and relief that I close this once happy, now bitter door.  Joyfully, I have found another door with more behind it than the old door could ever have offered emotionally, spiritually and financially.   Funny how our road leads us forward if we are willing to brave the change and follow it.  I am a blessed woman.  I have a beautiful chosen family.  Guardian angels have emerged and lifted me in my times of need.  I have a wonderful town filled with so many people willing and able to watch out for me.  People have literally dropped everything they were doing to come and help me out when I needed them.  I have the most wonderful neighbors a person could ever have.  The generosity and support offered by everyone has been amazing and to everyone, a huge heartfelt thank you.  I have never felt so loved and well cared for in all my life.  I have friends that mean more to me than they will ever know.  Hugs to everyone and thank you for all of your patience and help.  You have all touched me deeply with your blessings.

August 30th

The rest of the horses are indeed moved.  What a wonderful feeling to have them all home where they belong.  Walls are done being poured and now it is a waiting game so that the concrete can set up. 

August 31st

They removed the forms to my basement, guessed!  Concrete walls.  I am told that all next week will be for curing and the week after might hold the possibility of a new residence for the rest of the Ranch family.  The reunion between birds, cats, humans, dogs and fish will be exciting for all of us and we count the days.  Moved more things from the old place today.  More work on the chicken coop and thanks to the help of a good friend, we were able to almost finish the thing.  Had the drill not gone dead, we would have been done tonight.  Tomorrow it should hold chickens.  :)  The horses have all settled in and seem to like their new surroundings.  I have been fortunate enough to be able to reduce the herd some.  I will be reducing the herd drastically in the next few weeks.  (And I mean drastically)  Should any of you have had your eye on one of them, now might be a good time to approach me with an offer.  Please keep in mind that this herd reduction is not me selling out, it is simply a defense mechanism to get through the winter.  It is nice to be able to narrow the focus of my breeding program at the same time.  A huge thank you and congratulations to everyone who has taken home a Pine Ranch horse.  I hope that these horses will continue to bring you the great joy they have brought me over the years.




September 1

Put stuff away from the moved things so far.

September 2

Put more stuff away from moved things.

September 3rd. 

Work on chicken coop some more.  When will it ever be done?  LOL

September 4th

Today was Tyler's birthday!  What a day we had.  Did get some horses to their new home.  Finished the chicken coop and will bring chickens over tomorrow.  Then I will have to start on their yard.  Moved the rabbit hutch to where it is going to live.  Put up the dog kennels.  Low and behold, they are bigger that they were at the old place.  Hmmm...good out of the bad.  Got the rest of the clutter cleaned up and the place is starting to take on the old familiar orderly structure that I am so fond of.  Thank you to the friend who helped me with all of this today.

September 5th

We have electric (real electric) to the water pump!  What a rush to be able to just turn on a switch and watch the water flow from our spigots! 

September 6th

What an amazing day!  Half the floor is poured for the basement.  I am told a house will be arriving in my driveway on Monday sometime.  Good timing because the motel thing runs out about then.  Foundation is back filled and the electric/water trenches are all nearly filled in with their appropriate content neatly inside.  Had the vet out today and all the llamas are now geldings.  Shoer was here last night and today and the horses are all getting new feet.  It is so nice to be able to care for things as they should be.

September 7th

Today is the birthday of someone special.  You know who you are!  Happy Birthday!  Finished filling in the trenches.  Will plant seed on them in a week or so.  Got diesel tank delivered today and filled.  Got trash dumpster delivered.  Porta-potty comes Monday!

October 18th

Wow!  I did not realize it has been so long since an update.  There have been emails from people..litterally all over the world, asking me about the updates and wondering if I am alright since there haven't been any in a while.  A huge thanks goes out to everyone who cares enough to keep after me.  Spiritually, physically, emotionally and otherwise.  So here goes....

The house is not set yet and it will still be a few weeks.  Apparently there are not a bunch of these folks who put houses together in this area and now the weather isn't helping all the jobs before me get done.  So I wait.  In the meantime, I have taken an apartment in Pine Bluffs.  The number there is 307-245-3040.  Please come and visit me!  The grill is out back and waiting to cook for you!  I think the new little apartment is an excuse for a party!  What day works for you.

Now for all the other stuff..the new sign custom made by Allwayz Mfg. in Pine Bluffs is up and is beautiful.  Thanks guys!  The Ranch now has entry gates and al fencing is completed.  The boss is calling for another pasture next spring but the jury is out on that yet.  The arena is up and done.  The dog kennels are all done and the dog yard in.  The horses all have pens and there are extra ones waiting for those of you who have told me that you will bring your critters when I get settled.  Reuben passed away from congestive heart failure about a month ago and I kindly had Thunder put to sleep two weeks ago.  There is sand in the round pen and the other two should be up within the next month or so.  The babies are all weaned (except one) and they are being halter broken as we speak.  Funny thing is they are getting spoken for kinda quick now that I am getting settled in.  So far, Fancy's filly and Bella's colt have folks looking at them.  If you should have one you want, you should call me or stop by and lets get that little one home with you.  As always, I accept payments.  My interest is that these little critters find a good home.  Zephyr will stay here though so don't even ask.  LOL  I have seen more of Wyoming in the past few months than I did the whole six years I lived here.  I have enjoyed the traveling and all of the amazing people I have gotten to meet on the way.  Speaking of which, two weekends ago the kids and I got the wonderful opportunity  to spend some time with an awesome church group.  We partook in fellowship and eats and a hayride.  The moon was full and the fellowship was tremendous and healing.

Here is a list of some of the things I have learned since my February 27th, 2006 Independence day.  Since my chosen family/friends and I have laughed and hooted about these things, I thought I would share them with everyone:

1. barbed wire hurts

2. catching wild kittens in the cold and rain is a fun afternoon.

3. Trying to put same kittens in a little cardboard box (all of them in the same box) is cause for a party...and some stitches....

4. hot tubs attract a lot of attention

5. Big King Ranch trucks also attract a lot of attention..and piss some folks off (jealousy is an amazing catalyst)

6. Those that matter don't care; those that care don't matter.

7. John Denver is not dead!  I have seen him!  And....he is still flying planes!

8. Exactly ten adults will fit into the inside of a King Ranch truck.

9. It is NOT against the law in Wyoming to have as many people in the back of a pick up truck as you can make fit.  They all have to be seated. 

10.  It is also not against the law in Wyoming to have a keg party in the back of a moving pick up truck.  Just don't share the alcohol with the driver.

11. Horse trailers are the most important part of the horse get up. :)  Ask John Denver.

12.  It is against the law to let your dog ride in the back of the pick up without tying it down.  The kids can ride there without restraints. True story folks.  A Saturday at driving school taught me this.

13.  A King Ranch truck can hold ten people, pull ten horses in a huge trailer, go 80 miles an hour....but it CANNOT do all three.  Please pick only ONE!

14. Even the most introverted neighbors come out to meet you when there is a child screaming bloody murder for 20 minutes because of cactus in his/her hand.

15.  Tin can be put on a horse lean to roof in 25 mile an hour winds.  Better be laying down though and tied to the pick up truck.

16.  After not having a house of your own for several months, it doesn't matter so much what color the carpet is in the new place, as long as it is clean.

17.  There are a great number of people with too much time and not enough calluses on their hands.

18.  There is a great deal of eye candy at the local Conoco between the hours of 6 am and 7:30 am.

19.  Food can actually be cooked with only a lighter.

20. If someone makes a verbal agreement with you, make darned good and sure you get it in writing.  Cause the winds can change and the next thing you know, the person you made the agreement with can't remember an agreement at all.  By the way, might be a good idea NOT to be in any sort of relationship with this type of person.

21.  In some parts of the world, camping can only be done in tents.

22.  The stars are closer and more abundant when there isn't a street light in your yard.

23.  "We will be there next Monday."  Translation: forget it, we will call you when we are ready.

24.  When down and depressed and feeling blue...go find a box of kitties.

25.  Truth to some people is no more than what makes them look good in the eyes of others.

26.  That it is general good policy to evaluate people for their sincerity and truthfulness.

27. The true definition of pompous and bombastic.

28. Don't judge a book by its cover.  Frequently that thing which one has been praying for doesn't come in the package you expected.

29.  NEVER take anything in your life for granted.  At any moment, things can change.  Things that change your life and who you are forever.  There are some of us who struggle just to remember yesterday or our loved ones names.

30.  EVERYONE is doing the very best they can with what they have to work with.

31.  Kittens can be TOO friendly.

32.  A good therapy horse is PRICELESS.


Ok, all for now.  I will try to add some more later as the revelation is shown to me.  :)


October 30th

Extra wire rolled up and put away.  Never would have guess it would take three adults three hours to get all that done but it did.  LOL  Glad I wasn't in a place to have to do that all by myself.  Thanks guys!  Friends are wonderful!


October 31st

It is all set.  The house will be put together on the 6th of November.  Naturally, this will mean that the biggest snow storm of the century will hit the night of the 5th.  LOL  Wanna bet?  Also found out the auger is coming on Saturday and again, weather barring, we will be finishing all the post holes on the place.  This means that the arena will be properly steadied with the wooden posts and the hitching rails will be in place all over the farm.  Hot tub will be placed after the house is set and then there will be a huge house warming party.  Hoping to do it around Thanksgiving.  By the way, I think that everyone that wont have any other place to go for Thanksgiving is invited to the house.  Email me for details.  Happy Halloween!

November 10th

Ok, so those of you waiting with baited breath.   Here goes.  You guessed it!  The house is not yet set.  LOL  You can breathe again.  :)  They tell me this coming Wednesday without a doubt.  There is a betting pool.  Care to join up?  HEHEHEHE

The hitching rails are done and the arena has all of its posts.  Thank you to my amazing friends and chosen family. 

Chicken coop doors should all be built and installed by tomorrow 10 am.


November 18th

Ok, so for those of you watching this daily, Sorry I have let you down here lately.  I guess everything is in a holding pattern for now.  The run around continues on the house and I think it will be next summer before it is ready to live in.  LOL  there is apparently a long story with one of the main entities for the house process and I am an innocent bystander/victim in the whole deal.  Hind sight being what it is and all.  But nonetheless.. <sigh and laugh>  :)  I do have a couple more revelations though.  Here is what I surmised while cleaning the most filthy fish tanks that ever were.


1. You can't love what doesn't want to be loved.

2. You can't teach what doesn't want to be taught.


Again, thank you to the kind and generous folks at the Governor's office.  You are amazing folks and your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.  What a wonderful prayer answered.

By the way, the book is coming along nicely and should be ready for printing next year.  :)  The amazing stories I have from the past year have been filling the pages.  I am so excited to share it with everyone.

Blessings to all and hugs from everyone here on the Ranch!


November 28th


I can hardly believe that it has been ten days since I updated this page.  WHEW!  Course it has been seven months since I started this project.  This whole year has been such a blessing to me.  What amazing lessons I have learned that would have passed me by otherwise. 

1.  I have learned that it is better to not have to live a passionless life if possible.  Everyone out there, try very hard to find your passion.  Then do what it takes to fill your whole life with its wonderful presence!

2.  There are most assuredly times to placate and most assuredly times to set boundaries.  Look for the folks to be in your life who can do both without forcing you to not be able to do either.

3.  Love who you are.  You are unique and beautiful.

My hot tub will be up in the next week!


Let me repeat, my house is put together!  Granted it will take time to get all things in order but we are on our way again.  I am gonna give my 30 days notice at my apartment.  Yippee!

I will update with pictures this evening!

Oh yes, I need to update a few more items.  The round pen is even bigger now and has more sand.  The second round pen still has to be delivered.  Calls in to the folks that have it.  The chicken coop is finally all done complete with hinges and latches.  The water in the coop hasn't frozen so far.  Wait until the insulation comes next fall!  LOL  Can't wait for the little turkeys next spring.  The horse pens are finished.  There are now 3 community pens, 14 single pens (8 of which are covered), four stud pens and one double pen.  We are in the process of building wind breaks for the pens that are not covered.  I have been blessed during this whole process.

December 2nd

Electric and phone to house.  Very excited!  30 days notice given to apartment. 

Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.

December 8th

1000 gal propane tank delivered.  Holy Toledo!  Tank is much bigger than I had anticipated.  Whew!  Looks like a space pod!

December 10th

Trench dug (by hand with help of skidder) for the gas line.  Thank you to my fine friends and chosen family for the help. 

Know what the difference between a ditch and a trench is?  It is hard to get your friends and family to help you dig the ditch.  ROFL!

December 12th

Concrete form made for hot tub slab.  I made it all by myself!  Concrete delivered.  Hope I did the form right.  I will be able to report tonight.  Guess what?  Blondie did the form right after all.  What FUN working with wet cement.  Discovered that wet cement is FUN for fifteen minutes.  Before and after that, concrete is just a pain in the buttocks!  LOL  Add this to my resume' but have decided not my lifes calling.  :)

December 16th

Phone line to house in.  Now it just needs to be hooked up!

December 18th

Gas hooked up to house.  Heat is now an option!  Wahoo!  Now the fellows can come finish the interior!

December 20th

Snow storm!  Phone guy actually tried to come out and hook up phone.  Poor thing.  Needless to say, it didn't get done today.  He will come back.

December 21st

More snow storm.  Guess we are in a holding pattern..again.  <sigh>  Sorry, I did not get pictures of the storm.  I will try to get some of the drifts and piles and post them.  Apparently, the new house and fence line that we are all so proud of caused HUGE drifts that snowed the neighbors in.  So I had to go dig them all out.  I felt very bad but what a whee of a time playing in the skidder in the snow!  I discovered that I am unable to get it stuck in the snow.  Guess I can always take it to town if the other vehicles let me down.  ROFL

December 22nd

The new Ford handles very well in the snow.  I have been able to yank a dozen and a half people out of the banks and drifts.  what fun!

December 23rd

Trip to Cheyenne today to procure last minute needed items for Christmas dinner.  What a ZOO!!!  What a mistake!  New Ford plowed right through everyone!  Brought home three quarter ton bale of alfalfa hay.  Now that Ford really rocks in the snow!  Mental note to self.  Drive around with three quarter ton bale of hay in back of truck every time they call for a blizzard!  WAHOO!!

December 24th

You mean we were supposed to celebrate Christmas Eve?  <shocked look of surprise>  LOL  We painted at the new house!  Three rooms!  Got back to apartment at 11:30pm.  We are so proud of ourselves.  However, seems the kitchen could possibly be TOO yellow.  <snickers>  Those dratted paint chips look so pretty under the funny lights at Lowes.  Once home and on the walls, the reality comes screaming at you like a fast locomotive!  Knocks you clean for a loop.  Will spend next day or two evaluating the whole deal.  Other two rooms are beautiful and just what was anticipated.  Ever noticed how it is always something with this place?

Oh yeah, forgot...

1. Kitties stick to ice and have to be cut out.

2. Kitties stick to concrete and have to be chipped out.

December 25th

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE!  May God's blessing be abound this next year.  Again, thank you to everyone who is in my life.  I love each and every one of you.

1. You must meet people where they are on their path.

December 27th

This is our family's Christmas day.  Gonna sign out for a few.

December 31st

Check out the picture of the Big Ford stuck in the snow.  As most of you know, I have driven big trucks since 96.  This is the second time ever I have been stuck in the snow.  This is the first time I have high centered one in snow.  There was a huge drift in the entrance to the Ranch.  I backed up and made a run for it.  Wanted to see what this BA truck could do.  It can not do a frozen drift.  ROFL!  What a whee of a time.  I had to dig the thing out with the skidder and six huge yanks later, the skidder drug the Ford out.  I did catch some poo from passers by and a witness or two.  :)  I had such fun.  I am tempted to go get it stuck a little further down the road just so I can yank it out again.  Also, have most assuredly decided the kitchen is too yellow.  Have put one more coat of paint (of a different color) on the walls.  Just can't get it right.  Am gonna try a new approach.  <giggles>

January 12th

Whole house inside of the house is painted.  I mean the whole thing.  I will get some pictures attached soon to show you.  Better yet, come visit!

1. Your destiny is NOT tied to the people who walk away.

2. Just because you wear cowboy boots, does not mean you can ride a horse.

3. The path you are on looks different if you turn around.

4. If you wait until you are really sure, you will never do it.

5.  More is not always better.

6. Who cares what happened last week?  What is in front of you is more important than what is behind you.

7.  Sometimes two IS a crowd.

Still waiting on windows.  Apparently, they are lost.  <sigh>  not surprised are we?  ROFL  Still no water guessed it! the windows are installed.  Yup, the ones the window company cant find.  <snickers>

January 21st

So I have windows in the basement!  In fact, I have locking doors in my basement.    Now my stuff is moved from the storage and safely into my new house.  Pictures are being hung and most things are unpacked and put away.  I did not realize what a nester I am.  But alas, I am.  LOL   Should be up and fully running but next weekend.  Wahoo!

Profound statement for the month:

Don't take away someone's blessing by refusing to allow them to help.  -unknown-

More for the 21st..............

Blessed are the hot cocoa angels at the east end of my street.  I do have amazing neighbors who watch my place for me and are very diligent in making sure that the children and I eat.  I love you guys!

Additionally, some friends and I had the rare opportunity (of course this year it doesn't seem to be rare) to take the new ford through some huge..and I mean huge, drifts of snow.  If one of my friends had not been cheering me on, there is no way I would have tried it.  That is one amazing truck!  Never driven one quite like it.  Also thank you to my friend for getting me to have a little fun!  :)

January 29th

I am typing this from my new house.  I am mostly moved in.  Still a coupe more things from the apartment but rest is here.  THE HOT TUB IS UP AND RUNNING!!!  Yes, that is what you saw, the hot tub is up and running.  :)  Come sit in it with us!  LOL  We did flood the basement this past weekend trying to turn the water on.  We now have a skating rink in the basement.  What a hoot!  Nothing about this place has gone without a hitch.  <snickers>  Honestly, at this point, I would be disappointed if it ran smoothly.  Anyhow, tonight will be our first night here.  We are ever so excited, I don't think we will sleep.  :)   Dish gets hooked up tomorrow and the carpet will be cleaned.  Then I think we will be set except for the things on the house that need repair or replacing.  Oh yeah, we have a deck out front, big enough for some chairs for socializing and there stairs too, so no more climbing into and jumping out of my house!

January 30th

The hot tub is wonderful!  Am so glad I decided to get one!   Sat in it last night after I was done moving everything into the house.  Which reminds me, all items are here and for the most part put away.  Looks like home again!  Thank you to everyone who has helped me on my journey.  I love all of you!




































Keep watching!































See the for sale sign?


Can't you just see all of my horses out there in the field?


My raw land looking east.  Nothing on it but cactus and buffalo grass!  Got my work cut out for me.. HELP!




Beautiful sunset from my new place.  Took this picture June 11th.  What a view eh?


Kiersten stalking her prey...  I think it was a butterfly!



The hole for my basement that caused so much trouble with the neighbor.  :)



Look how straight that fence line is!  Not bad for us, a  bunch of rookie city folk.  Now we need braces and wire!


More of the new fencing..hand done by the Pine Ranch crew!  Maybe we should hire out!


Pretty proud of the fencing job we did.  Good friends make anything possible!  Thank you everyone who helped me put this up.  Truly a labor of love!


The horrible dust storms that I will no longer have to deal with once I move to my new place.  Yippee!


The Giggles!  LOL  Kristy and Kiersten hamming it up on the ranch.


Does that rainbow end right at my new house?  It must be a blessing of sorts. 


Friday's crew.  Thank you so much guys..and girls!


Saturday's crew.  There is that darned auger!  Thank you to all!


Who is that helping you Tom?  Is that your boss? 


The rainbow on Saturday.  We did work right through the rain.


Progress was made.  Let's go eat!



The new chicken coop!



Foundation on the way!



Water/electric line trenches.  Dirt everywhere!




The new pick-up!  Would never own a Dodge again if you gave it to me!!!!


There is the tack shed.  Now we have a way to lock up all our equipment.  Thank you Nate!


Tah-dah!  The tack shed Viola'  By the way, is that the old truck pulling the tack shed?  LOL



Here is Tyler with Griz and Pebbles.  You should come see the kitties



Here is the dog kennel and yard all set up at the Ranch.



Two, count them, two beautiful hitching posts.  In six years, I never had a hitching post of my very own.  NOW I do!  And we put them up all by ourselves.  Thank you again to my amazing friends and chosen family.  You guys (and gals) are the bestest!


The amazing view from my huge new living room windows.  Can you see the mountains?


There she is!  All put together.


Here is the end with my stairwell.  This will someday be a huge mud/ hot tub/ garden room.


Here is the end where the hot tub is going to sit for now. 



This is the sunset from my place December 23rd.  What a beautiful sight.


What a painting!



Septic tank...before snow.


Half of hot tub pad...not sure why I didn't take picture of whole thing.  I was reminded that Tyler was with me; helping.  That I needed to get him back to the apartment and clean him off right away so he wouldn't become a statue.  ROFL.  Forgot about that. 



More ditches.  AAARRGGHHH!!  Can you see Tom the cat?  Overseeing the whole project.  Pakwa had the day off and Tom the cat is next in the chain of command.  :)


Stuck?  Who is stuck?!  ROFL  This was an intentional stuck.  Really it was.